virtual dressing [room] — honours project (2020)
white rabbit (2019)
waxing ; waning (2018)
ephemeral (2017)

Virtual Dressing [Room] — Honours project (2020)

Virtual Dressing [Room] is a collection of digital fashion influenced prototypes exploring the liminality in Chinese diasporic identity. Focusing on the making of my own avatar and virtual worlds to represent the conflicting Chinese and Western cultures of my identity, I direct a personal narrative in my identity formation. The website is made to catalogue the various prototypes of the short film, AR filter, as well as standing as a prototype in itself to provide an interactive interface. It also directs to the research that supports this work, a practice-led exegetical detailing how these processes aid in negotiating identity.

White Rabbit (2019)

WHITE RABBIT presents itself as a dialogue on the sexual objectification of Asian women’s bodies, into fetish objects for consumption. The sailor uniform archetype is used as the basis upon which to navigate these provocations, as it intertwines with the various connotations associated with white rabbit in symbolism. The sexual undertones in both elements are overtly presented through the viscerality and horror in the transformative nature of the garments, to reflect a not too dissimilar nature in how the male gaze imposes its objectifying projections.

Also, White Rabbit Creamy Candy is the confectionery from which this collection makes a subtle nod to, given its strong connection to the childhoods of many Asian girls and non-binary individuals.

Waxing ; Waning (2018)

An exploration into how conventional Western beauty standards affect women of colour, unpacking these issues through the acts of dressing and undressing. The collection is an insight into issues well-known yet rarely expressed, revealing the beast society is.

Ephemeral (2017)

Ephemeral is a mock design proposal for D/SMANTLE's S/S2018 collection based on the notions of mortality. It explores the nature of ephemerality and transience however focuses on application in an industry-based context designed with the intention of larger scale production, thus including specification sheets in its proposal.